Information for Travellers

Tips & tricks for our guests.

30 days visa-free

Yes, you’re able to visit our country for 30 days without going through getting visa procedure.

The visa-free stay starts on the day of arrival and finishes on the day of departure (regardless the time of arrival and departure). The visa-free stay cannot be extended beyond 30 days.

Important notes:

  • - You must arrive and departure through Minsk National Airport
  • - Make sure your country is in the list of visa-free countries

Transfer to / from the airport

The Minsk National Airport is 25 miles (40 km) away from the city.

Option 1: You can get to / from the city by bus or by shuttle bus that runs every 20-30 minutes and arrives at the Central Bus Station. The ticket cost is around €2. The trip takes about an hour.

Option 2: Use taxi. General advise is to use taxi called Pyatnica (Taxi5). It is an elegant service, a bit more expensive than others, however having drivers wearing suits, good & clean cars, free wifi & chargers. You can also pay via your credit card. The cost of getting to/from the city is fixed there and is 44 BYN (~$20).

The cheaper alternative to Pyatnica is Yandex.Taxi (Android, iOS). The cost of the trip is not fixed and is around 30 - 40 BYN ($15 - $20).

General advise is try to avoid ordering a taxi not using the apps, because there is a little chance that you'll be charged unreasonably high price.

Maps / Navigation

For offline navigation around the city it is recommended to use (Android, iOS). The alternative to it is Yandex.maps (Android, iOS).

If you want to explore the city / country more, below you'll find a good guide that advices other applications to explore local areas.

Wi-Fi spots

Most of the venues in Minsk have their own free public Wi-Fi networks. However, there are also a couple of public Wi-Fi networks which provide coverage in different areas of Minsk.

Travellers at the Minsk International Airport can use Wi-Fi for free for up to 3 hours - check out the airport website for details.

The largest public Wi-Fi network is provided by Belarusian state telecom company “Beltelecom” with hotspots located across tourist locations all over the city of Minsk. You should look for the following networks - “BELTELECOM” or “byflyWIFI” in order to connect to Beltelecom hotspots. On the first connection attempt you will be redirected to login page (available in English) with instructions on how to register on the network and payment options.

There is also a free Wi-Fi network named “Free Wi-Fi Minsk” available in multiple public areas of Minsk - connection process is straightforward, but you must have a cell phone with ability to receive text messages.

Local sim card

There are stands of two Belarusian mobile operators at the airport:

  • - A sales point of MTS is located near sectors 5-6. Check out suggested package.
  • - A sales point of Life;) is located closer to international flights sectors. They also offer some tourists-speficic package.

Money / Currency Exchange

The Belarusian ruble, the local currency of Belarus, is not a fully convertible currency, so you won’t be able to get any before you arrive in the country.

Note that in Belarus you can only pay via Belarusian ruble. There are a few exception (like in the airport), but generally it's better to have ~50-100 BYN in cash. Payments through credit cards are accepted in most places all over the country.

Approximate currency exchange rate: $1 ~ 2.1 BYN, €1 ~ 2.4 BYN.

You can change money at most banks and there are a large number of ATM machines in Belarus, particularly in Minsk.

Local Food & Drinks

Food industry in Minsk develops really fast. Cafes and restaurants of all kinds appear one after another. What is wonderful, we don't have most of fast food places you are used to see in other spots of the world: you won't find any Subway or Starbucks, so you shall find an alternative among tens of places you can choose from, and we will try to help you to choose wisely..

Generally many places are located near the city center (as well as the venue for Drupal Camp), so it's recommended to stay somewhere in the center or at least very close to the metro line.

Famous places with Belarusian cuisine are Kamianica, Kukhmistr, Rakovsky Brovar and Vasilki.

Insights from Locals

Kastryčnickaja Street certainly deserves to be mentioned. If you ask how the process of gentrification and revitalization is going on in Minsk, you can always point to the Kastryčnickaja’s example – the former industrial street has in recent years become pretty much the most important exhibition-and-hang-out place in the city.

This is where Huligan Bar, Depo crêpe house, Monkey Food veggie place, Laŭka snack-bar, and Enzo café work and where progressive advertising agencies, publishing houses, and IT companies have opened their offices. The former plant’s walls are decorated with the murals left over after the Vulica Brazil street-art festival. The most important things happen here at night in the warm time of the year – on the street, of course.

Fridays and Saturdays are the time for fun and chaotic parties when several thousands of people might be hanging out on a little patch of the ground.


If you're travelling from the abroad, you'll likely have more questions that we have covered in this short guide.

To support all our travellers, we've created a special #travellers channel in the Slack workspace of the event. You're more than welcome to join and ask any questions you have in your great mind :-)